Garland: From the Heart
2. I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN (Radio 1947)
3. I DON'T CARE (Radio 1949)
4. WHEN YOU’RE SMILING (Radio 1951)
5. YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU (Radio 1951)
6. WISH YOU WERE HERE (Radio 1952)
7. DON'T TELL ME THAT OLD STORY (Decca 10/1/46)
8. AFTER YOU'VE GONE (Capitol 8/25/55)
9. BLUE PRELUDE (Capitol 2/22/57)
10. APRIL SHOWERS (Capitol 3/19/56)
11. THERE IS NO BREEZE (Decca 10/1/46)
12. NOTHING BUT YOU (Decca 11/15/47)
13. DANNY BOY (Capitol 8/30/55)
14. JUST IMAGINE (Capitol 3/22/56)
15. WITHOUT A MEMORY (Columbia 4/3/53)
16. LAST NIGHT WHEN WE WERE YOUNG (Capitol 3/31/56)
17. CHANGING MY TUNE (Decca 9/11/46)
18. OCEANS APART (Decca 10/16/39)
19. I'M CONFESSIN' (THAT I LOVE YOU) (Capitol 5/26/58)
20. DAY IN, DAY OUT (Capitol 5/19/58)
21. OLD DEVIL MOON (Capitol 6/17/60)
22. WHO CARES (Capitol 6-9-60)
23. LITTLE DROPS OF RAIN (Warner Bros. 11/61)
24. PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ (Capitol 10/31/60)
25. I AM LOVED (Capitol 6/7/58)

Before Beyonce, before Adele, there was Judy Garland. Some of her prettiest, most tender love songs are represented here. This is not a cliche CD. You won't find yet another repetition of “Over the Rainbow,” “The Trolley Song,” or “Dear Mr. Gable”. Nor is it a cheapo multi-CD set with 100 tracks for $5 that some label has haphazardly thrown together without regard for how the material sounds.

What you WILL find instead on “JUDY GARLAND FROM THE HEART” is a shrewdly culled selection of some of Judy's finest vocal performances drawn from radio and studio recordings that have recently been expertly remastered for a fuller depth of sound using state-of-the-art digital tools. Every track is now rich, detailed and  ALIVE!

What these songs have in common is their wonderful melodic appeal covering a range of moods, with Judy in excellent voice throughout! These are indeed treasures. Newcomers to Judy will delight in discovering how good she really was, especially when compared to today’s auto-tuned singers); and veterans will find this a worthy addition to their collections because of its superior sound quality.

As one reviewer commented upon hearing previews from the album, “This is a taste of what Judy would sound like if she was recorded today. This is what I have been waiting for!”

The producer of this new CD has been applauded by Billboard magazine for “stunning” work (on CDs on Streisand, Sinatra, Crosby, Clooney and Elvis, et al), and the BBC and U.S. public radio have aired 1-hour specials on his work. Plus he's won awards for Excellence from the Association of Recorded Sound Collections.

From the gorgeous cover art to the engrossing liner notes, this release is an immensely enjoyable listening experience no Judy fan should miss! The clarity and “presence” of Judy’s incredible voice and the instrumentation will astound you. Enjoy 25 songs ranging from 1943 to 1961. Order today!

To sample some of the tracks, click the speaker icon below to hear them.

Then scroll down the page to order today! This CD is destined to be a real collector’s item for years to come!

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