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Judy Garland From the Heart

5 Stars
Brilliant new collection of rare Judy Garland material with masterful restoration

By AlanLee May 25, 2018

Verified Purchase
Brilliantly restored collection of some of Judy Garland's best (as well as rarest) recordings, with the sharpest sound I have ever heard on any of Judy's reissues. The wonderful assortment of songs, ranging from early radio performances up through her brilliant Capitol and later stereo recordings have been wonderfully remastered with obvious loving care. You may have heard Judy before, but you've never heard her like this. If you're a hardcore Judy fan, or just discovering her for the first time, this is a definite must-have!
5 stars
From the Heart to My Stereo System: Pure Joy!
By Bruce K. Hanson, author of "For the Record: Confessions of a Vinyl-Soundtrack Junkie" May 5, 2018

Verified Purchase
From the opening track, a 1943 radio recording of "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart," I immediately realized that this was going to be a Garland album that I will play again and again. I don't believe I have heard this recording before, or four of the other five radio selections. "I've Got You Under My Skin" is another rare recording which features the singer in top form. And it is such a joy to hear a mature Garland singing an outstanding arrangement of "You Made Me Love You" outside the famous medley. In fact, all of the twenty-five songs on this album showcase Garland at her very best. Of course I was expecting the studio recordings to be good but the radio transcriptions are stunning; they are so crisp and fresh sounding that one wonders if the same quality could be achieved with other lost treasures from the radio. These six selections alone are enough reason to buy From the Heart. There are five Decca studio recordings that sound just as good as those collected on the Smilin' Through four CD album of a few years back. ( If you don't own it buy it now for more revelations on how wonderful vintage Garland recordings can sound.) One of my favorites, "Don't Tell Me That Story" is included as well as the rarity, Nothing But You." Add "Without a Memory" from Columbia Records, "Little Drops of Rain" from a Warner Brothers soundtrack, and several Capitol recordings including "Just Imagine" from Good Neews, and you know why this is a lovely addition for collectors as well as novices of Garland records. My only dissapointment is that the liner notes, as interesting as they are, do not include the sources of the radio recordings. One of the reasons for buying a CD instead of waiting to simply pay and download the album is the information (and photographs) we can read and appreciate while listening to the music. There is nothing more enjoyable to just sitting on a sofa or favorite arm chair to enjoy a favorite album and read its extensive liner notes. Or am I just being nostalgic?
25 Sonic Miracles!
By PJ May 18, 2018

Verified Purchase

Add my voice to the growing chorus of people proclaiming how amazing the sound quality is on these remasters. I'm literally STUNNED. I know my Judy, being a lifelong fan and avid collector of her music for well over 40 years. When I heard the first track, "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart" I just couldn't believe it! I felt like I was there in the recording booth with her! How on earth did they do this?

Another stunner: "Oceans Apart," a Decca single. Crystal clear, very "immediate" in the vocal presence. What gets me is that this is Oz-era Judy, singing a very mature torch song for a girl her age. What could she not do???? Incredible.

And how great to have some of my favorite 50's and 60's Capitol tracks sounding so clean and sharp: the velvety smooth crooning of "Just Imagine," the lively and zesty "Day In, Day Out" and one of the greatest examples of an ebullient, thriving, happy Judy at the very tip-top of her game: the final cut "I Am Loved."

Yes, dear Judy Garland, YOU ARE LOVED. And incredibly gifted. And beautiful. And vitally important and necessary and appreciated and cherished beyond what words can ever describe. Thank you for coming into the world and sharing your gift, over and over, through trials and troubled times, in sickness and in health, always giving, giving, giving. Always, always From The Heart. No one can ever, ever, EVER touch you!
You are the real deal, Lady.

It is my fervent hope that there will be more recordings to follow this one. I can't quite grasp how they can make the old recordings sound so new, but thank God they can! I mean, what an incredible treat!

Please: we must have more!


This is the Must have Judy CD release of the year
By Fred J. Hough May 8, 2018

Verified Purchase
I highly recommend this new Judy Garland cd release - Its one of the best cd releases of Judy's that I have ever heard - the remastered tracks are so rich and crisp and it sounds like it was recorded yesterday and Judy was singing right to you - like you have a front row seat to experience the magic of Judy during her peek years - Each selection is amazing and showcases Judy's vocal talents at her best - The first song Zing Went The Strings of My Heart is my favorite on the cd - Its from a radio show in the early 1940s and just touched my inner soul as she sang - I promise you wont be disappointed with this cd release - if your a seasoned Garland fan like me or just discovering her now , this is the cd to have - Judy wasn't called the Greatest Entertainer for no reason - this cd proves it - some of her best are here - and many seldom heard selections are included - a nice variety of Garland classics - if you buy just one Judy Garland cd this year , this is the one to purchase - I'm hoping for a vol 2 to come out soon - thank you to all involved in the making of this wonderful cd 

4 stars
The sound quality is the best I ever heard so clear
By Joseph on May 3, 2018

Verified Purchase
This cd is fabulous!!! The sound quality is the best i ever heard so clear , some of the song renditions .....although i have heard the songs before , these renditions are different and great !!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!! Garland is phenomenal !!!!!
You will find this CD highly enjoyable
By Cal Crenshaw on May 12, 2018
Verified Purchase
Whether you are a seasoned Garland aficionado or only casually acquainted with this great star, you will find this new CD highly enjoyable. So many releases over the years have concentrated on a very narrow slice of her recorded work. These tiresome reissues offer nothing new. But "Judy Garland From The Heart" is different. It contains lesser known songs, along with some alternate versions of familiar numbers (including six radio rarities that I had not heard before, besides the studio masters) - all of which are presented with a sonic quality that is truly impressive and downright thrilling! Judy had her ups and downs, but on this collection she is in great voice on every track. Her intonation, phrasing, perfect pitch and breath control all demonstrate just how good she really was from a technical standpoint as a singer. Then, of course, there is her emotional reading of each musical composition, which she delivers very convincingly. She is tender, intimate, joyful, reflective, yearning as the lyrics and melodies dictate. (A good singer is, after all, a good actor). The insightful liner notes quote Judy as explaining that she tried to sing each song differently, without a set "style". She said "I've always believed that if style takes precedent over the words and music, the audience gets cheated". Her approach was very wise! The flow of this album is another aspect I appreciated. Although the songs are not sequenced chronologically, the transitions in tempo and mood are just right. This CD treats us to Judy Garland at her best...singing "from the heart."
Surprised by how great she was!
By Ron on April 28, 2018
Verified Purchase
Like millions of people, I of course grew up watching the "Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland, which I think is the most-viewed movie of all time. But over the years I have not spent a lot of time or thought to her recordings, as there are so many artists I like. However, all that changed when I first heard online samples from this new CD, "From the Heart." I was immediately surprised and impressed by how well she sang, and the overall quality of the sound. Previous tracks I've heard of hers "sound old," and maybe that's what turned me off. But not this CD. The clarity and richness is apparent throughout. The sequence these songs are presented in is just right, to keep things moving along nicely. It really is remarkable what has been accomplished here by the label (whose other releases I have bought before, so I know their quality). Recordings by Miss Garland that are decades old now sound like they were just made. I must admit how surprised I was to be so impressed by Judy Garland. Fantastic CD.

One of the best
By Elaine Campbell on April 28, 2018
Verified Purchase
There are 846 Judy Garland CDs listed on Amazon and few are better than this. I know that's saying a lot, because of the Rosetta Stone of Judy's recording career -- the magnificent Carnegie Hall performance, which no release will be able to top. But "Judy Garland From the Heart" provides a refreshing change of pace from the standard Garland reissues. The repertoire was so carefully chosen to present songs which I bet many fans of hers have never heard. Each song selected for this wonderful collection stands out from her overall list of recordings for its purity of tone and distinctive musicality. Instead of the themed releases that restrict you to hearing Judy perform songs by a single composer (eg., Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, et al -- which seems more like a marketing gimmick than anything else), "From the Heart" samples a wide range of material. As a result, the listener is treated to the full spectrum of Judy's vocal talents, and all of it with exceptional clarity and warmth. Bravo!
5 stars
Gift this CD to a someone who doesn't know Judy...and buy one for yourself too!!!!
By Kris Hartfood on April 27, 2018
Verified Purchase
I think most people of a certain age have already heard Miss Garland's signature song, "Over the Rainbow" many times, as well as a handful of other songs which seem to get repeated many times over in the various CDs released on her. But if you are going to give a friend or family member who maybe isn't that familiar with Judy an introduction to this legendary and multi-talented woman, I highly recommend "From the Heart." Each song on here sounds FABULOUS...better than any previously released versions of same. And the selections are restricted to those performances which show off Judy's abilities to the best advantage, while avoiding the periods of her life where the hardships she endured, both physically and mentally, took a toll on her vocal quality. Maybe this CD should have been called "Judy At Her Best," because it surely is that. It's a true treasure I cannot speak highly enough.
5 stars
I like their approach to remastering
By David Constantine on April 27, 2018
Verified Purchase
First let me say that I own several hundred releases on Judy, both original vinyl and also CDs. So I feel qualified to opine that "Judy Garland From the Heart" unquestionably ranks as one of the very best! The CD opens with 6 obscure radio tracks that I had never heard. But these are not those foggy-sounding, thin radio captures that most of us are used to. Oh no! Instead, these are rich and crisp renderings that are as close to studio quality as one could get and they fairly SPARKLE AND SHINE. As one reviewer commented, these are worth the price of the CD alone. I don't know what audio tricks were used to make these tracks (radio and studio) all sound so good, but they just DO. You can listen to other versions of some of the same songs -- same performances, different CDs -- and I honestly don't think anybody else, even Decca, has ever really come close to achieving the sound quality that the songs on this release attain. Test this yourself when you buy this CD. Hunt up any other label's version of the same performance by Judy and then immediately listen to the one that is on "From the Heart." Assuming you are listening to a decent playback device, you should easily be able to hear the difference. This CD ranks A++++. I'm so glad I heard about it!
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