“This is indeed a masterpiece, miles away from too many of these techno remixes we are subjected to.”

Elvis Express Radio presents three shows a week, including a Friday syndicated 3-hour program heard on actual radio stations and also available streaming and for download on the web. It has been operating for 15 years and is co-hosted by two highly respected Elvis experts, Lee Dawson and Joe Krein. (Lee has previously won the Elvis Matters “Elvis Lifetime Achievement Award”, voted on by fans around the world, and he’s been a devotee of Presley’s since the age of 5. He’s now 42). EER has news on matters of interest to Elvis fans, plays requests and vigorously defends the legacy of this great artist. The hosts are known for their independence from outside influences, and their honesty with listeners; if they don’t like a CD, they say so! Bluntly. But the producer of “ELVIS: THE NEW RECORDINGS” was so confident in the work that he and his team had done on the new release, he authorized Elvis Express Radio to be sent tracks before the CD was even available to the public, so EEP could have a world exclusive premiering it — knowing full well that if the show hosts didn’t like the product, they could potentially damage sales by making acerbic comments that would discourage legions of fans from even buying this release.

the hosts of EEP LOVE the new CD, “ELVIS: THE NEW RECORDINGS.” They played some of the tracks on the air and discussed them, and the next week played more, and read some listener feedback on the air. We’ve assembled a montage of excerpts for you to hear. So if you wondered if this new CD is worth buying, just listen to these two jocks — ELVIS EXPERTS — who have heard countless vinyl and CD products over the years so know whereof they speak!

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Fans have also been sharing their impressions of the new CD. Here are actual comments posted on the web:

Remo McKim writes: There are many within the “Elvis World” that will criticize any attempt to do anything with his music. Sony and Follow that Dream will be going mental as all they are used to is rehashing existing albums with errors still existing from years ago, changing the front cover and reissuing it and without putting in very much effort or investment. EPE approved the remixing of many Elvis tracks by Spankox, most of which, do not add any value to them at all. It is well documented that Elvis didn’t always like the final mix of his songs. If we also believe that Elvis was the Executive Producer of many of his songs and developed songs from the Demo to the Master take, I am reasonably confident that he would have revisited a lot of his songs and brought them up to date. Just recently, there was an interview in volume 106 of Elvis the man and his music, page 10 where Bob Lanning who was the drummer in 1970 and is featured on the “On Stage” album, says, “Looking back on the time I was with him, every night there might be a slightly different approach on a song, it was part of how creative Elvis was.” It is also well known that Elvis was into gadgets, so again it is fair to assume that he would have embraced the changes in technology related to recording and sounds. For those who want to stay with the original songs, they can do this no problem — they have been issued so often you can get an original any time. Its about time someone with a musical back ground took the initiative and tried to enhance the sound whilst keeping true to Elvis' voice.

Lori Ray writes: Even a purist as myself has fallen in love with this new CD. I never thought in my life that I would wish to hear Elvis's music any other way than how I have been for the past 40 years. But here it is! That breath of fresh air! Why no one had thought of releasing a CD of Elvis before in this manner is beyond me. Elvis has been given a new lease on life. Not that he really needed one. But we needed it! Twenty six Elvis songs played as you have never heard them before. Each song lightly accented with either strings, a sax, new backing vocals and even bongos on a song such as "Fever." This producer knew not to over saturate each and every song with way too much new instrumentation. Just enough is added that is very enjoyable but never compromises the legend we know as Elvis. “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” has never sounded better than it does on this disc. With an added Nashville string arrangement, there is no doubt in my mind that if Elvis could go back and add it, he would. It is that beautiful. “Love Me Tender” is another one that has never sounded better. On this disc, Elvis is partnered with the sexy voice of Cassie West for a duet that is better and makes more sense than any of those Christmas duets released a few years ago. Another one that I don’t believe has ever been released on a CD is “Home Is Where The Heart Is” which was featured on Elvis’ “Kid Galahad” EP. With an added flute and string overlay, this is the one gem for those in search of this record’s grail. Absolutely beautiful. “Reconsider Baby” is the track on this record where nothing has been added except for a remastering that this song has needed for 54 years. The fact that no new instrumentation was added, shows that this producer knew when to add or not add new instrumentation. A year ago I would have been against something like this. But now that I have heard it, I realized that this was what was needed. A purist like myself needed to come out of the middle ages. I wish RCA/BMG/Sony would also. My boy! My boy!

David L. Banes writes: I am listening to this CD for the sixth time as I write this. Elvis would be very proud of this one, the change of instruments, removal of some of the overpowering background vocals, and his voice out front and center makes this a CD that you can play over and over, while driving, working, or carrying on a conversation with someone. The song selection is great and brings back many fond memories. It is like hearing these songs for the first time and clearly demonstrates the greatness and perfection of the voice of Elvis Presley. If you want a really enjoyable Elvis CD, this would be the one. The mix of songs flow so well. I just can’t say enough good things about this CD. Just buy it and enjoy it. It will bring to memory that Elvis was and is the greatest.

Paul from Greenlawn, New York writes: I just got the new CD, “ELVIS: THE NEW RECORDINGS”. What a gem. From a jazzy “So Glad You’re Mine” to a lengthened and gorgeous “In My Way,” it is a pleasure to listen to. I would never have believed that two of my favorite songs could be improved, but they are. “Anything That’s Part Of You” and “Starting Today” are even more poignant with the added instruments, but the perfection of the originals remains. What a good job these guys have done! They have talent and respect Elvis. This is indeed a masterpiece, miles away from too many of these techno remixes we are subjected to.
Valerie Karen Ferrell Wieckhorst writes: Thank you for sharing I will have to get this CD for sure. Elvis had a beautiful voice and to enhance it to hear it better is a total bonus in my book. Take care.
Tracey Brown writes: I am a very picky Elvis fan like most, I listened to it and I personally think you did a really good job with it! I will be ordering one!
Tommy Stormo writes: I like it! I love the originals, but can enjoy a “strange”’ sound on a tune, when I know I got the original also... I’m not sure I liked all the extras on the clip, but very good anyway! I guess the people behind “Guitar Man” back in 1981 got the same comments, at least if Facebook was available back then... We should not be afraid to hear and listen to Elvis in a “new” sound... If we don’t like it, don’t buy it or destroy the possibility for others to discover Elvis or get a new look at the music that he did... Good luck if you should be involved with more of this... 
Steviej Daniels writes: This sort of update on Elvis’s original music is much better than trying to turn the songs into silly dance tracks or making them “hip for kids”....well done Larry Jordan..they are true to the originals in their own way, without being too different...I like them.
Rita Scully-Persson writes: Anytime you can bring that voice to the forefront it's fabulous. A voice like no other, will be buying.

Paul Mechem writes: Elvis’s voice has NEVER sounded clearer. With the backing vocals toned down or removed entirely and new instrumentation added, you can finally hear Elvis as he should be heard, and not over-shadowed by the much over-rated Jordanaires.

John writes: About time Elvis was given “wow new sound.” Just great CD from start to finish for new fans and old, and a great gift to any person. Buy buy!

Darren Norbury writes: It feels like Elvis is still alive.

Deirdre T. Sullivan writes: If you’re an Elvis fan this is a must buy. It is amazing. What more can I say? “I Will Be Home Again” is my personal favorite.

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